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5 Facts You May Not Know about Gillian Pensavalle of 'True Crime Obsessed'

"When I was asked to write about five things you might not know about me, I kind of panicked. I’m an open book! I tell you everything about me! My thoughts on not being a mother, my bisexuality, my trauma, how hot I think Super Hot Mike is, you name it. So, hopefully you’ll find these little tidbits interesting and I apologize if you’ve this all before."

Read on for five facts you may not know about Gillian Pensavalle.

1. Family Dog Named After Uncle Jesse

Gillian's parents first brought home a family dog when Gillian was only five years-old. His name was Jesse, and he was named after Jesse Katsopolis of Full House fame – AKA Uncle Jesse, played by the famous John Stamos. According to Gillian, "He was very sweet, went to work with my Dad to be with the patients [at his physical therapy practice] and was an exceptional judge of character."

2. A Special Set of Skills

In Gillian's own words, there are three things she is good at: "Karaoke, Mario Kart, and coloring." Her number one, go-to karaoke songs are No Doubt’s "Sunday Morning," Madonna’s "Oh Father," and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps." When playing Mario Kart, her first character pick is always Tanooki Mario, but if he’s not available she plays as Yoshi. And as for coloring: "I was an only child and loved making things for people and coloring was a major part of that. Crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, whatever."

3. Don't Ask Her to Whistle

GP: "I cannot whistle and I’m happy about that because I absolutely hate the sound of it. I will not be making any further comments on the subject at this time."

4. ADHD Diagnosis

Gillian was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD – when she was 18 years-old. In Gillian's own words, "My meds saved and changed my life, but it will always be something I deal with on a daily basis. There are a lot of misconceptions about ADHD but I embrace this neurodiverse brain of mine."

5. Come si dice italiano?

Since she was a young child, Gillian has wanted to learn how to speak Italian. Today, she uses the app, Duolingo, to brush up on her Italian vocabulary whenever she can.

Listen to Gillian Pensavalle on True Crime Obsessed.


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