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True Crime Obsessed in 'Mashable'

Untangling true crime: Inside the ethics of Hollywood's greatest guilty pleasure

by Alison Foreman/

When Michael Myers returns in Halloween (2018), the slasher icon kicks off his murder spree by killing a pair of true crime podcasters. That stuck out to Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds, the hosts of popular comedy podcast True Crime Obsessed.

“We can always tell when someone has never listened to an episode of our show,” says Hinds of the genre’s critics — even those masked, knife-wielding ones. “Because if anyone makes the assumption that True Crime Obsessed laughs at or exploits murder [and assault], then they clearly haven’t listened to it.”

Impassioned lovers of entertainment, Hinds and Pensavalle entered podcasting by way of Broadway. In 2013, Hinds started interviewing Tony winners for his podcast Theater People, and by 2016, Pensavalle was hosting The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast. Eventually, the duo found each other at a New York City happy hour and the promise of true crime came calling.



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