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5 Reasons You Should Binge All 20 Episodes of 'Murder in Alliance' Right Now

Over 20 years ago, David Thorne was convicted of hiring Joe Wilks to kill Yvonne Layne--David's former girlfriend and the mother of his young son. To this day, David maintains his innocence. Upon discovering his case, one investigative journalist – Maggie Freleng – became determined to reexamine the story, even bringing in private investigators from the advocacy group Proclaim Justice to assist. But what happens when the case takes a twist the team did not see coming...? Read on for 5 reasons you should binge Murder in Alliance right now.


What happens when a seasoned journalist passionately believes in someone's innocence and spends years reinvestigating the crime only to discover, through her own reporting, that he may actually be guilty? Over a 20-episode arc, you'll follow host Maggie Freleng on this epic journey as she follows the evidence where it leads her, even if it's not at all what she wanted or expected to find.


When she first began digging deeper into the story of Yvonne Layne's murder, Maggie enlisted two investigators from the advocacy group Proclaim Justice. Maggie and the PIs reinvestigated the case on the ground in Alliance, Ohio. And Maggie got it all on tape. Listeners are taken with Maggie and the PIs literally in the car as they track down key witnesses and interview those closest to the case. In the style of Serial and In the Dark, Murder in Alliance allows listeners to be flies on the wall during key moments in the reinvestigation.


Along the way, Maggie’s team had billboards put up in Alliance, Ohio, and set up an anonymous tip line. If you are from Alliance, did you call the tip line? Did you know David Thorne or Yvonne Layne? Do you know what happened... or do you know someone who does? The team depended on people like you to find potential new evidence in the case.


Did you know? Amber Hunt – the award-winning journalist, powerhouse reporter, and host of the podcasts Accused and Crimes of the Centuries (from the Obsessed Network) – served as the editorial consultant for Murder in Alliance. In other words, Amber helped Maggie craft each episode and report case bombshells as they were discovered.


For host Maggie Freleng, this podcast started as a quest to answer questions about a suspected wrongful conviction, but it became something completely different by the final episode. You don't want to miss the shocking moment--caught on tape--when everything changed for Maggie. Maggie unwittingly became a character in the story as her perspective on the case changed and her world was turned upside down by what she discovered.

Don't miss all 20 episodes of Murder in Alliance now wherever you listen to podcasts.

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