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The Obsessed Network in 'Nerdz Newz'

True Crime Tuesday: OBSESSED with The Obsessed Network

by Heather Marlette/

Here you won't get weird looks when you mention that you are binging Snapped or when you mention that you can't wait to see the new docuseries on GSK - and we will all know that you mean the Golden State Killer - and yes, we all agree that Serial should have stopped after the first season.

We know that you aren't weird or psychotic, just that you enjoy trying to understand and figure out what makes some human beings commit the worst crimes imaginable. You have that curiosity because you want to know your fellow people's good and the bad sides. With that in mind, if you are a true crime nerd and you aren't listening to the podcasts offered by The Obsessed Network, you haven't really lived.


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