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Patrick Hinds in "Out" magazine

Meet the Gay Comedian Queering True Crime Podcasts

by Mey Rude /

It seems like every queer party I go to in L.A. I end up having at least one conversation about true crime. Whether we’re talking about the bizarre murder that happened in the town we grew up in, our favorite segment of a podcast, or the latest episode of the newest HBO true crime documentary, gays can’t get enough of the stuff.

True Crime Obsessed is definitely the podcast that most accurately recreates those IRL conversations, and that’s exactly why I love it. Hosted by Gillian Pensavalle and gay comedian Patrick Hinds, the podcast features the two friends talking about true crime documentaries they’ve watched and their hilarious reactions to them.

The podcast has hundreds of thousands of downloads per month and is selling out live shows wherever they go. And they do all of that while mercilessly hating on the criminals who commit these violent crimes, laughing when they can, and giving trigger warnings when topics get to dark. Out spoke with Hinds about the podcast, his favorite documentary, and how to stay sane when talking about horrible crimes.

How did you first get into true crime?

I think it started with being a middle school nerd who was obsessed with Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle. I actually had a crazy ghost sighting when I was a little kid, but that’s another story for another time. Oh and UFOs. I was definitely also obsessed with UFOs. It seems like a pretty straight line from that sort of stuff to true crime, no?


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