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Meet the Duo Putting a Queer Spin on the True-Crime Podcast

When they're not roasting our favorite documentaries, the hosts of "True Crime Obsessed" cast a spotlight on serious misdeeds against the LGBTQ community.

by Carla Hay /

In the world of podcasting, true crime has exploded in popularity over the past few years. But while most true-crime podcasts are serving up auditory spins of NBC’s Dateline or CBS’s 48 Hours, Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle bring humor—very adult humor—to their True Crime Obsessed podcast, which features hilarious reviews of true-crime documentaries and makes the criminals, never the victims, the butt of the joke.

The New York City–based duo are friends in real life and self-described superfans of theater productions (they actually met through the Broadway community and have separate podcasts about theater). Pensavalle says the idea to do a true-crime podcast came to them very organically. “We just wanted to hang around and talk. We both love our husbands, but we’re not going to get the same response with them as we will with each other.”

The initial concept was for True Crime Obsessed to be a serious mix of news, interviews, and documentary recaps, but that changed when Hinds and Pensavalle did a test pilot episode and discovered they had more fun offering up gags while dissecting true-crime films and series. The comedy in the show is “a way to get out our frustration and anger and sadness about [true crime] that people find so interesting and compelling,” says Pensavalle. “If [the humor] helps people get through it in some way, I’m honored.”


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