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Last-Minute Gift Wrapping? Listen to These 7 Episodes of 'True Crime Obsessed'

You did it again this year – you left those Christmas gifts for your family in the recesses of your closet, forgetting to wrap them. If you do find yourself on this last-minute wrapping mission, the Obsessed Network is here to help. We're giving you the top episodes from True Crime Obsessed you can binge during your all-night present marathon. Get those gifting tables ready, friends!

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Discovery+ rang in the holidays early this year with a timely documentary called Fruitcake Fraud. In short, the story isn't all about that trendy Christmas treat you hear about in basically every made-for-TV holiday movie. On the contrary, the case of the Fruitcake Fraud is much more sinister. As you'll here, this documentary recounts how the most famous bakery known for fruitcake – Colin Street Bakery in Texas – was swindled out of millions of dollars by one of its own employees. Who knew a prolific bakery would one day become steeped in controversy?!

Two words: gifting tables. Surprisingly, you'll find out they have less to do with exchanging Christmas presents and more with multi-level marketing schemes. But the ultimate true crimes of these two TCO episodes actually focus on a mother named Barbara Beach-Hamburg, who was tragically found murdered in Connecticut in 2010. In this two-part series, Barbara's son, Madison, investigates his mother's death alongside his sister, Ali, by interviewing nearly everyone in their family.

The sheer lunacy of what unfolds at Class Action Park in New Jersey may make you put down that wrapping paper and clutch your tissue paper in lieu of pearls. In this episode, learn about a deadly amusement park (that still exists in some capacity today) that shirked proper safety guidelines in exchange for... well, we're not really sure what. Profits? Common sense? Whatever the case, Class Action Park recounts what may very well be the most dangerous amusement park in history.

It's Christmas, b*tch. And now that Britney Spears has finally been freed, it's time to relive the seminal documentary series, Framing Britney Spears, that breaks down her conservatorship and the hardships she's endured over the last decade and beyond... We can only hope that this year, Britney has the merriest and most joyful holiday of all.

Chances are, you may find yourself in a church or holy place this week to sing along with holiday hymns and carols. Why not gather inspiration while you finish wrapping gifts with the mother of musical televangelism, Tammy Faye? Listen as Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle teach you the ways of Miss Tammy Faye, a woman who loved her luxury shopping habits almost as much as her mission for preaching through music.

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