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5 Scariest Episodes of ‘True Crime Obsessed’ Podcast

It’s Halloween Weekend, people! Celebrate the spookiest holiday with five truly terrifying episodes of True Crime Obsessed with Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds. Close your eyes and hit play!

5. Hell House

Every October, one church creates a haunted house that simulates their interpretation of a literal hell. But in doing so, they subject visitors to horrific simulations of graphic scenes, including portrayals of school shootings, sexual violence, assault, and much more – from a perspective meant to change the hearts and minds of visitors. Sure, Jan… Buckle up. This haunted house is horrifying, but for all the wrong reasons.

4. Cropsey

Meet a truly horrific figure named Cropsey. The communities of Staten Island, New York always floated the idea of an urban legend named “Cropsey.” It wasn’t until 1987 that New Yorkers started to take the legend seriously, when a 12 year-old girl disappeared; investigators soon connected her vanishing with several other children who had previously disappeared. The abductor was deemed to be Cropsey. In the legend, the man dragged kids away in the middle of the night, with his horrific hook for a hand. GIRL… Listen to TCO’s coverage of Cropsey for an appropriately terrifying Halloween haunt of the real-life true crimes related to the legend of Cropsey.

3. Beware the Slenderman

When two twelve year-old girls become obsessed with a fictional persona, the Slenderman, what lengths will they go to keep the horror figure pleased? The answer – they’ll stab an innocent girl nineteen times. Even for listeners somewhat familiar with the real-life story behind this documentary, audiences don’t want to miss Gillian and Patrick’s memorable take on this truly horrific and tragic event of taking dangerous online lore into the real world.

2. Unsolved Mysteries: Tsunami Spirits

After Japan’s horrific 2011 record-breaking earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and disastrous blizzard, 15,000 people lost their lives. After these tragic deaths, the Japanese people started to report supernatural events, like ghost sightings and possessions. Among such sightings, one Buddhist monk explains that many lost souls came to him looking for help and answers. One person discussed explains that, after her child died in one of the disasters, her toddler’s favorite toy would subsequently light up on its own, as if being played with by an entity. EEK.

1. Unsolved Mysteries: House of Terror

This episode, based on Episode 3 of the Netflix series, Unsolved Mysteries, is downright terrifying. A French family was brutally murdered in 2011, and the husband, Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, is the main suspect. The bodies of his four kids and wife were found buried underneath his home. But Dupont? He’s never been found. He’s been considered “disappeared” since their deaths. Is he walking among us… to this day?! People have claimed to spot him…!

Listen to these episodes of True Crime Obsessed now wherever you access podcasts.

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