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5 Funniest Episodes of ' Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan'

Strange and Unexplained host Daisy Eagan may cover spooky and paranormal mysteries – but she does so with biting sarcasm and sharp wit. Listen to the following five episodes for some of the funniest Daisy Eagan dialogue yet.

You've probably heard the rumor that most of our Founding Fathers were part of the Freemasons "fraternity." That rumor is totally true – hence that creepy pyramid with an Illuminati eye on the back of our American dollar bills. Hear Daisy Eagan's take on this oddly placed, spooky Eye of Sauron plus the history of the Freemasons and the Illuminati – or at least the history they want you to hear.

Nothing says strange and unexplained quite like a 32 foot tall blue fiberglass horse sculpture with glowing red eyes. At the Denver Airport, you can see this horrific creature named Blucifer greet you as you munch on a pretzel during your next layover. But the real interesting aspect of the Denver Airport? That underground lair where lizard people live. Obviously. Says Daisy, "The airport’s official website has lots of information about the conspiracies. It’s a pretty smart strategy. Not only does it attract people to the airport to see for themselves, but it also is a brilliant example of reverse psychology in order to cover up the truth."

Not only is this episode incredibly hilarious but it is also one to give you just a slight wave of existential dread. After all, if we're not self-aware sentient beings, we may just be Sims living in someone other, larger creature's world. Creepy? Daisy agrees. So, she offers a bit of humor in this episode, while also outlining the arguments for and against the Simulation Theory of life by scientists and conspiracy theorists alike.

Are you a UFO believer? Like, outer space invader type UFOs? You need to listen to Episode 13 of Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan. You'll hear Daisy's theories of those declassified documents the Pentagon recently released for the general public to decipher and decide for ourselves if other lifeforms are out there. For us? The jury is still out. But we'll happily listen to Daisy breakdown very real examples of large groups of people – including school children – witness what they claim to be otherworldly UFO encounters.

No matter how many times you have heard of an alleged Sasquatch encounter, you've never heard one described quite as hilariously as Daisy's telling. Through firsthand experiences at Outward Bound camps and on hiking trips, Daisy explains why she's the perfect podcaster to talk about the sassy Miss Sasquatch and her ever-elusive ways. After all, "We call Bigfoot a monster. People who claim to have had encounters talk about how terrifying the ordeal was. But what, exactly, has Bigfoot ever done to deserve this characterization?"


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