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5 Facts You May Not Know about Maggie Freleng of 'Unjust & Unsolved' and 'Murder in Alliance'

It goes without question that Maggie Freleng is one of the most badass hosts on the Obsessed Network. She hosts two podcasts for the network, including Unjust & Unsolved and Murder in Alliance. She’s an impressive investigative reporter who stops at nothing to uncover the facts of a case. But how well do you really know Maggie Freleng? We have a feeling these five facts may surprise you. Read on to learn more.

ESL Partner

In case you didn’t know, Maggie Freleng has a heart of gold. One of her biggest passions is helping others, as is clear through her work to investigate wrongful convictions and those wrongfully serving time. Well, on the weekends, Maggie actually serves as an ESL conversation partner. In other words, she meets up with individuals and students trying to learn English and helps them practice vocabulary, grammar, and general communication skills.

Cluck, Cluck!

If Maggie wasn’t already cool enough to every member of the Obsessed Network… We recently found out that she owned chickens when living in Western Massachusetts! We knew she had a huge heart for animals, but we had no clue she actually raised her own poultry.


It should come as no surprise that Maggie rides a Harley. (Of course she does!) Catch Maggie on a Harley, riding into the sunset, like the real-life action star she is. Swoon.

"Professor Freleng?"

That's right! Maggie serves as an adjunct professor for the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY (City University of New York). We'd pay good money to learn about reporting on-the-ground from Professor Freleng!

Animal Lover

Though she may not raise chickens anymore now that she resides in Brooklyn, Maggie Freleng still admits that she owns “way too many animals.” Why? In Maggie’s own words, “because I’m a sucker and a bleeding heart for animals in need.” Catch Maggie helping rescue animals in need – or just cuddling sweet pups – whenever she is not investigating a case to overturn a wrongful conviction.

Listen to Unjust & Unsolved and Murder in Alliance right now wherever you stream podcasts.

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