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5 Facts You May Not Know About 'Crimes of the Centuries' Host Amber Hunt

You've heard of a triple threat. And you've probably heard rumors of a few quadruple threats. But honestly, have you ever met Amber Hunt? She is in a class all her own. Not only is she the clever host to the Obsessed Network's Crimes of the Centuries Podcast but she is also an award-winning reporter who’s contributed to two Pulitzer Prize (!!!) Award-winning projects and a New York Times bestselling author (!?!!!!) – among numerous other fun facts. Read on to learn five of these facts about journalist Amber Hunt.

New York Times Bestselling Author

Yup, you read that correctly – NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author Amber Hunt. Her 2014 book – The Kennedy Wives: Triumph and Tragedy in America's Most Public Family – gained acclaim, eventually landing on the New York Times' bestseller list. Co-written with friend David Batcher, the book is ultimately "a thoughtful analysis of what drew the Kennedy men to these iconic women and what the women endured in exchange for their acceptance into the Camelot clan."

Part of Two Pulitzer Prize-winning Projects

As a reporter, Amber Hunt has had a hand in two projects that won the Pulitzer Prize. She celebrated the first Pulitzer as a contributor to the Detroit Free Press newsroom's coverage of Kwame Kilpatrick. Impressively in 2018, Amber won the Pulitzer for local reporting alongside the Cincinnati Enquirer team behind the "Seven Days of Heroin" project.

Retired Wedding Photographer

Amber Hunt not only has a talent for journalism – she also has an incredible eye when it comes to photography. So much so that Amber actually became a wedding photographer, after first picking up a camera at age 10. Wait... so you're telling us there are couples out there who have had their portraits snapped by an award-winning, New York Times bestselling journalist? Consider us jealous.

Visitor to 49 States

Amber Hunt has traveled extensively, often alone, and to almost every state in America –including one state NOT part of the contiguous continent. Unfortunately, Amber has one more to mark off her list. So readers, if any of you call Alaska home, maybe you can give Amber a call and extend an invite. Bonus travel facts: Amber has also traveled to Italy, Belize, Bahamas, Mexico, Spain, France, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Holland, and Ireland.

Horror Movie Aficionado

In Amber's own words, "I love bad films, particularly bad horror movies." Her top pick for B-rated horror movies? Army of Darkness – the 1992-released, third installment of the Evil Dead franchise.

Rolling Stone has named Crimes of the Centuries one of 10 Best True Crime Podcasts of 2021.

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