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5 Best Moments of the 'True Crime Obsessed' Patreon

You've listened to Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds host True Crime Obsessed since day one – but now that you've made it to the show's real-time releases, you're craving more. You need to become a member of the TCO Patreon, affectionately known by listeners as the "Lady Pates." There are three tiers to membership, each opening you up to a whole new metaverse of True Crime Obsessed. Want to learn more? Read some of our favorite five moments below, picked straight from the TCO Patreon feed.

Exclusive Interview with Asia McClean

For those of you who are huge fans of the podcast, Serial, you know the name Asia McClean. She's one of the high school classmates of Adnan Syed, the subject of Serial. In one of the rarest piece of bonus content on the Lady Pates, Asia speaks with Patrick and Gillian over video, sharing how for years, she was unaware that she held the crucial key to Adnan Syed's alibi.

The Staircase

Our listeners love when Gillian hates things. And she hated The Staircase. In this Patreon exclusive series, Gillian takes one for the podcast with Patrick and breaks down this beloved true crime docuseries that covers the murder of Kathleen Peterson by husband Michael Peterson... or is it the accidental death of Kathleen Peterson? And what the hell does an owl have to do with any of this?!

Monthly Surprise: "Am I the A**hole?"

Ever wondered if you handled a situation correctly? Even better, have you ever wanted PH and GP to weigh in with their opinions? One of our favorite Hero Bell Patreon exclusives –when the duo answered questions posed in the infamous Reddit thread, "Am I the a**hole?" Members of the Obsessed Network team picked the prompts, and Patrick and Gillian had to react – as our team members reenacted them. Prompts include: a sushi buffet bait-and-switch, a graduation cake gone wrong, a pissed off coworker giving the cold shoulder, and way more tomfoolery.

The Jinx

"Okay, bye bye!" YOU GUYS. The Jinx, HBO documentary miniseries about the murders by mega millionaire Robert Durst, is wildly disturbing. Patrick and Gillian go bananas discussing this series, taking Patreon members step-by-step through each episode, screaming along the way about the tragic and disturbing details. You'll also learn why you should neverrrrr mutter a confession in a bathroom. (Obviously.)

After Party: "We hung out with Justin Guarini last night."

In 2019, worlds collided when Gillian and Patrick ran into Justin Guarini, who revealed himself to be a True Crime Obsessed listener. Yes, Justin Guarini, the runner-up in the first season of American Idol, Broadway star, and performer behind Dr. Pepper's Lil' Sweet. Listen to GP and PH retell the unbelievable origin of TCO's friendship with From Justin to Kelly's Justin himself, only on this Patreon "After Party."

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